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Gentoo overlay

My personal Gentoo overlay:

Here is the list of my ebuilds with their modifications:


  • add the patch by Adam Majer that adds support for SFTP keyboard interactive authentication (not yet accepted by upstream, see #3921)

Without this patch it is impossible to login using SFTP if PasswordAuthentication is set to no in sshd_config (Gentoo default).


  • add the patch by Manuel Mausz to fix the 9 years old bug #53611 (fastcgi_param PHP_VALUE pollutes other sites) (not yet accepted by upstream)
  • add the patch by Manuel Mausz that changes the mode of PHP_VALUE from ZEND_INI_USER to ZEND_INI_PERDIR and disables PHP_ADMIN_VALUE


  • fix systemd unit startup error by moving configuration file from /etc/murmur/murmur.ini to /etc/murmur.ini as expected by upstream

Gentoo bug: #689208 (partially accepted).


  • patch systemd unit file to make use of dnsdist user/group


  • remove chroot option because it is incompatible with the systemd unit file provided by the upstream, according to the upstream policy (see #4848 #4179: Our policy is, don't chroot.)
  • remove quiet option because it is on by default, and thus there is no need to modify it

It is impossible to start the service if using systemd without either removing chroot option or modifying the systemd unit file.


  • use configuration and systemd unit files provided by the upstream

to be continued..